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Bedford is a car brand having existed between 1930 and 1991. It belonged to British company Vauxhall Motors – a subsidiary of General Motors. Buses and commercial vehicles were mainly produced under this brand. The company brought the largest profit among European branches of General Motors for several years.

5 interesting facts about Bedford

1. The VAL bus became recognizable due to its repeated appearance on the silver screens. For example, it was used in a comedy of 1967 “Magical Mystery Tour”. The Beatles were featured in this movie. Also, the VAL can be seen in a 1969 comedy “The Italian Job”.

2. An English writer Anthony Burgess owned a campervan Dormobile. He called this car “a miracle of British design”.

3. The CF van was the second most popular in its class in Great Britain. It conceded only to Ford Transit. The CF was used for police, military, delivery services applications. Moreover, it was popular as an ice-cream van.

4. The HA van is one the smallest brand vehicles. Its length was 3815 mm, width – 1509 mm, height – 1511 mm. The HA can be seen in several films, for example, in an Oscar-winning 1988 motion picture “A Fish Called Wanda”.

5. In 1967, 7 mobile cinemas, ordered by the Ministry of Technology, were made in Great Britain based on chassis by this brand. Coventry Steel Caravans produced bodies for them. One of these vehicles was used as a vintage cinema for tourists even in the XXI century.

Peculiar features of cars of this make

1. Affordable price. Small companies working in the transportation sphere could afford to purchase these cars. Vehicles didn’t require expensive maintenance. Due to inexpensive but reliable spare parts for Bedford vehicles, their maintenance was cheap.

2. High-performance motors. One of the key factors contributing to the brand’s success was the fact that cars were equipped with Chevrolet engines. These overhead-valve 6-cylinder devices were ahead of their time.

3. Comfort. For example, TM trucks, designed for long-distance trips, were equipped with adjustable seats and high-performance cabin ventilation systems.

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