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Auto Union is a group of German manufacturers that began their collaboration in 1932. Zschopauer Motorenwerke J. S. Rasmussen, Horch, Audi, and Wanderer were among them. In 1969, these enterprises became a part of Neckarsulm Motorenwerke AG corporation. 6 years later, it was named Audi AG, and this was the car marque that became worldwide-famous in time.

5 interesting facts about Auto Union

1. In the 1930s, racers won over 20 different sports competitions in cars of this make. This became possible mostly due to the use of high-performance power units.

2. During World War II, they produced only military vehicles. The first post-war civil car model, the DKW F89, was launched in 1950.

3. In the 1950s, a small vehicle designated 1000 and its sports modification – Sp – were produced. It had a panoramic windscreen and could reach over 130 km/h. It was a record speed for cars of this make at that time. The 1000 Sp model was the last brand’s convertible car.

4. DKW F102 cars had an unusual design: chromed elements prevailed in decoration, windows had a rather large area. A two-stroke engine with 3 cylinders was used as a component for this Auto Union car. Later, the Audi F103 was designed on the basis of this model.

5. Now Volkswagen Group owns the equipment and rights for the trademark. In 1964, all trademarks and production facilities, except for Horch, were sold to it.

Peculiar features of cars of this make

• Innovative solutions. The manufacturer used turbocharging and took care of even weight distribution between axles for the cars to attain higher speeds.

• Outstanding aerodynamic properties. The ability to present the lowest possible air resistance when driving was an important consideration for designing bodies of these vehicles, apart from aesthetic factors.

• Quality car parts. For example, the two-stroke engines used were structurally simple and durable. At the same time, their output could reach 350 hp.

In our online shop, you can buy spare parts for Auto Union quickly. In our convenient catalogue, you will find brake pads and discs, fuel filters and air filters, windscreen wiper blades, and many other things in just a few minutes.

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  • Brake Fluid
    ATE Brake Fluid 03.9901-5801.2 at favorable price
    ATE | 03.9901-5801.2
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  • Glow Plug
    MASTER-SPORT Glow Plug SZ-12-PCS-MS at favorable price
    MASTER-SPORT | SZ-12-P...
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  • Oil Filter
    JAPANPARTS Oil Filter FO-110S at favorable price
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  • Spark Plug
    NGK Spark Plug 2910 at favorable price
    NGK | 2910
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  • Brake Fluid
    ATE Brake Fluid 03.9901-5803.2 at favorable price
    ATE | 03.9901-5803.2
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  • Brake Fluid
    VATOIL Brake Fluid 50117 at favorable price
    VATOIL | 50117
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  • Sidewall
    VAN WEZEL Sidewall 9901149 at favorable price
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  • Engine Oil
    LIQUI MOLY Engine Oil 1129 at favorable price
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  • V-Belt
    DT V-Belt 2.21063 at favorable price
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  • Spark Plug
    BERU Spark Plug Z68 at favorable price
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