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ARO is a Romanian car manufacturing company which produced off-roaders till 2006. While the brand existed, about 380 000 cars were produced, most of which were sold abroad. ARO cars were assembled not only in Romania but in Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Poland, Portugal as well.

4 interesting facts about ARO

  • The company’s activity started in 1885 with the manufacturing of textile and cellulose goods. During the World War II, the company changed its business profile and started producing ARO spare parts for aeroplanes. Car production began in 1957 when IMS 57 off-roader was launched.
  • M461, produced in 1961, was the first model sold abroad. A 4-cylinder inline 70-hp engine was installed on the car. The maximum car speed was 100 km/h, and fuel consumption – 17 litres per 100 km. More than 80 000 units of this model were manufactured from 1965 until it was discontinued. Most of them were sold out of Romania – in more than 50 countries.
  • In 1999 the enterprise was the first in Romania to offer a turbocharged diesel power unit. It was TDX 28 engine for cars with a weight of up to 3.5 tons. Its displacement was 2.6 l, and output – 64 hp.
  • The 3-door ARO 10 was the most successful company model. Being affordable and easy in maintenance, the car quickly gained popularity in West European countries, that is why 90% of cars produced were made for export. This very model was a prototype for many crossovers, for instance, Renault Duster.

Features of ARO cars

  • Reliability. A durable body-on-frame design, high quality of assembling and comfortable enclosed body made of durable metal allow to safely use ARO off-roaders in any conditions. These cars are equipped with a coil spring suspension which improves manoeuvrability and helps to lower the risk of rollover.
  • Simplicity and availability. A laconic design and simple construction made these cars easy in maintenance and inexpensive. This allowed the brand’s off-roaders to win popularity.
  • Good roadability. Outstanding off-road performance is among the main advantages of ARO cars. Due to the ground clearance of over 200 mm these off-roaders can easily overcome such obstacles as half a meter fords and 35° slopes.

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