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Société des cars Alpine SAS is a French manufacturer of sports cars. The enterprise was founded by a car engineer and racer, Jean Rédélé, in 1955 in Dieppe, France. The company was purchased by Renault S.A. corporation 18 years later.

6 interesting facts about Alpine

1. The company founder, Jean Rédélé, was fond of motorsports and started to participate in rally competitions in 1951 behind the wheel of a car he built himself on the basis of Renault 4CV. The car had a light aerodynamically shaped aluminium body and a 5-speed transmission. Thanks to this vehicle, Rédélé won the Rallye Dieppe, Lisbon Cup and successfully finished the Italian race «Mille Miglia».

2. The first production vehicle was the A106 model, released in 1955 in body versions of coupe and cabriolet. Cars were assembled manually with the use of lightweight materials, such as glass fibre, for example. Over 200 units were made in 5 years.

3. The most popular car of this make is the A110 Berlinette hatchback. It was produced from 1962 till 1977 and became one of the most successful in the world of motorsports. This vehicle got the grand prize of the Monte Carlo Rally and two victories in the World Rally Championship (in 1971 and 1973).

4. The company’s golden age was in the late 1960s. In 1969, the company opened a new factory in Dieppe. And a year before Alpine cars demonstrated impressive results in Coupe des Alpes rally and other competitions.

5. The last model which Jean Rédélé helped to develop, the A310, was produced from 1971 till 1985. Its version equipped with a 6-cylinder engine was the fastest sports car in France.

6. Production of the vehicles stopped in 1995 and was revived in 2017. Nowadays, the firm is manufacturing only one production model – the A110 sports coupe. The car has an engine mounted in the rear. The design of the vehicle is based on that of the original A110. The car was elected «The Most Beautiful Car of The Year 2017» at the Festival Automobile International in Paris.

Peculiar features of cars of this make

• Insignificant weight. All cars feature compact dimensions, and their construction includes numerous aluminium elements. The first model of the make, the A106, weighed less than 600 kg.

• Top-class spare parts. Today, branded products from Brembo – brake calipers, discs, pads, etc.– are used as components for Alpine A110 cars.

• Impressive exterior. The manufacturer uses panoramic windows, original sculpted decorations on body flanks, X-shaped LED elements in the rear lights.

• Powerful engines. For example, modern cars are equipped with a turbocharged petrol engine producing up to 252 hp. Its speed limit is 250 km/h and acceleration to 100 km/h takes less than 5 seconds.

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